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Saturday, August 6, 2016

10 Reasons You Know it is Fair Time -Guest Post

A guest post today from seasoned Fair Mom, Peggy Bellar who is watching the last of her kids finish 4-H this year.  

Tonight begins the last 4-H fair my kids will ever be entered in. 5 kids, a million animals, and 16 straight years of 4-H. WOW!  So here's to you and all the fair families. I couldn't sleep tonight and this popped in my head.

10 Reasons You Know it’s Fair Time
10. The woodworking project due tomorrow still has varnish drying tonight.
 9.  Cookies, breads, and cakes line all your counter space.
 8. You are tired of eating the foods project “rejects."
 7. All the kid’s clothes are covered in manure, dirt, sweat and animal drool.
 6. The only clean clothes left in the entire house are the winter coveralls hanging on the back door.
 5. You would die of embarrassment if anyone showed up unannounced at your house this week.
 4. It’s like 120 degrees.
 3. There are enough box fans going in one area to cool a small country.
 2. The animal who left its hoof print deep in your foot yesterday is now the reason you are crying in the sale ring.
 1. You realize the color of ribbon is not near as important as the memories you have collected.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

August 2016 Country Fair Blog Party

Well, it finally happened.  I am about 4 days late posting this blog party this month.  We barely survived the County Fair with a sick husband who didn't come to the fair for at least 36 hours, came just before the shows and left early most nights...yes, he was really sick, but the boys and I took care of everything and survived the heat ourselves.  The boys managed to bring home some champion ribbons, showed a tremendous growth in maturity and exhibited all they have learned over the years in 4-H.  Last month, Lisa talked about the Jr. National Hangover which is minor compared to the county fair one I am experiencing now, but we all remember why we put ourselves through it in the end!

Now, onto the blog party!  Here are some of the party favorites from June!

 Vegetable Exhibitor Guide

Now, let's see what everyone has to share this month.

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