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Monday, November 28, 2016

Flat Aggie in Delaware

What another wonderful trip it has been to Delaware, you know a few years back I was here in the spring and things have changed a bit here. Some on the farming operation in which I visited and some in the climate from what I remember it was much warmer here on my last visit. This time it was a bit chilly overnight though we did have some decent daytime temperatures. Nonetheless, the experiences I have at Cory's produce in Delaware have been again once in a life time. Delaware is located on the east cost, consist of 3 counties, and is a peninsula. Besides being the first state, Delaware is known to be the Lima bean capital worldwide, and Sussex County in which I visited is the largest poultry producing county in the U.S. Pretty cool, huh?

Well, while I was here I got to see a lot of cool stuff.  I was able to walk through some soybeans and check them for maturity before harvesting them. 
I got to haul a load of soybeans to the local elevator in which the soybeans are shipped down the Nanticoke river by Barge. 
Corn harvest was over by the time I got here but I saw many producers including Cory's produce spreading numerous wintering crops to help improve soil health by decreasing run off and erosion over winter. It was pretty cool to see that something green was always growing. 

While I was here I got to experience the first shotgun deer season of the year in Delaware and my do people get pumped about that. I was able to go one day with Cory, though as harvest continued on we didn't get another chance to go. 

Besides the climate change on this trip from last trip here a Cory's Produce has made some big changes. They added solar panels to the operation.  To utilize space they were able to install the solar panels on the top of the poultry barn. Lastly, Cory is now a dealer for Channel Brand Seed (corn, soybeans, sorghum, and alfalfa) and I was able to go may some visits and discuss with some other producers their product order for 2017.

Finally, I just want to thank Cory of Cory's Produce for this time these past few weeks. At times, things get hectic at harvest and many times he could of done without me tagging along. Though we got as many shots as we could and he only left me behind once.

To see more reports from Cory's Produce go to:
Inside a chicken barn in the largest poultry producing county in the nation.
Lima Bean Harvest

Monday, October 17, 2016

Peanut and Chicken Farmer Math

My kids once told me that math wasn't important to farmers, so I began the series of Farmer Math questions to go along with the Flat Aggie reports.  These are patterned after the blog Bedtime Math.  Some of the questions are easy enough for pre-schoolers and sometimes I come up with some to even challenge high school seniors.

These questions follow the report Flat Aggie visits Miller Farm in Alabama learning about chickens, peanuts and cotton.  Additional educational materials can be found in the post All About     .

1.  Flat Aggie helped pick 2 fields of cotton and turn 4 fields of peanuts.  How many fields did Flat Aggie get to help in?

2. Chickens grow at Miller Farms for 35 days.  How many weeks is that?

3.  The average American eats six pounds of peanut butter a year.  How much peanut butter would 2 Americans eat in a year?  How much would 10 Americans eat in a year?

4.  The chicken houses at Miller Farms are 43 feet wide by 510 feet long.  What is the surface area of the barns?

5.  One acre of peanuts can make 30,000 peanut butter sandwiches.  How many peanut butter sandwiches can be made from the 200 acres of peanuts at Miller Farms?  (write the answer in numbers and words)

If you are a teacher or homeschooler that would like more information to go with the Flat Aggie reports, send me a message on my contact form.  Along with the report and the Farmer Math questions, we send each teacher an additional page of activities, crossword puzzles and sometimes a few hands on activities.

ANSWERS:  1.) 6 fields  2.) 5 weeks  3a.) 12 pounds  3b.) 60 pounds  4.) 21,930 square feet  5.) 6,000,000 six million

-A Kansas Farm Mom