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About Me

Hi, my name is Nicole Small and welcome to my little corner of cyberspace where I share my journey through life that includes family, food, and farming.


*I am the mom to 2 boys, ages 11 and 14.  They truly have made my life whole and I am amazed by what they do every day (sometimes in a good way and sometime in a bad way).  They are adventurous, intelligent and ornery all at the same time.  Spending time with them every day especially at meal times is very important to me.

I work every day with my husband.  I never planned to live on a farm, but my good looking, tall drink of water, husband has made my life on our family farm everything I could ever need or want.  I am not going to tell you that every day is perfect working with my spouse, but somehow we continue to get along wonderfully at the end of the day.


For some reason, these boys (all 3 of them) think they need to be fed three times a day.  Lucky for them, I love to cook and bake.  

Even better, my boys love to help out in the kitchen.   I share my favorite recipes on Wednesday, so be sure to stop by next Wednesday to see what’s for dinner.  


We do live and work on a real life farm in Kansas.  I like to share pictures and stories of our everyday life raising cattle, crops and kids.   I also love talking to others about our farm and answering your questions about how food is raised.

Thank you for stopping by our farm.  I invite you to follow me in what ever way is best for you. 
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If you have a question you would like answered, feel free to contact me at

Have a fabulous day and thanks for taking time out of your day to stop by!

-A Kansas Farm Mom