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Want to see what we see everyday?  

Take a look around.  

Watch a couple of videos. 

Scroll down to the pictures below.

Calving Season

 Wheat Harvest 

 Soybean Harvest 

Spending Time with the kids Showing Livestock

The Kansas wheat fields are beautiful before they turn golden.

Baby calves are truly my favorite part of farm life.

Look Inside a Tractor Cab.  The amount of computers will intimidate many people.  Yes, it is driving itself through the field.
While many things are done very high tech, we still like to do a few things the old school way and our dogs really like that we let them use their natural instinct to herd cattle.
The sunrises and sunset made a hard days work not seem so bad.

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Thanks for taking time out of your day to explore our farm and family life.

-A Kansas Farm Mom

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  1. Hi Kansas Farm Mom! Thanks for the video and for the pictures - I really enjoyed it all. Your post reminded me of my childhood, when I used to spend summer months with my grannies at the farm in Tennessee. It really a lovely time! By the way, I see you do wheat growing and I would like to share the link Microwave Moisture Meter with you - they produce all kinds of moisture meters and sensors as well as grain moisture sensor. I thought you might need one for your farm business. I wish good luck to you and your beautiful family!


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