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Flat Aggie

The Flat Aggie project is a unique way to introduce how food is produced to classrooms far from farms.  I work with teachers to find farmers that send pictures and reports on what is going on their farm currently.

Check out the Introduction to Flat Aggie for lots of information for teachers, farmers who are Flat Aggie's Tour Guides, and for individuals who would like to organize their own Flat Aggie Adventures.  To read more about her adventures, just click on one of the states and it will take you to the post my farmer friends sent back to the class along with pictures taken with Flat Aggie.

The Flat Aggie's have their own Facebook page!  Be sure to follow it to see sneak peak pictures before the reports are published. During the 2018-2019 school year, Flat Aggie has been managed entirely by Hannah Graybill a high school student interested in agriculture education.

Flat Aggie Adventures School Year 2017-18

Arizona: Lettuce, Irrigation
Nebraska: Beef cows
New Jersey: Corn Maze
New Jersey: Farm Facts
New York: Dairy
New York: Dairy
New York: Apples
Tennessee: Beef Cows


Flat Aggie Adventures School Year 2017-18

Kansas: STEM, 4-H
Maryland: Grapes
Michigan: Dry Edible Beans
Minnesota: Sugar Beets
Ohio: Soybeans
Washington: Wheat Planting

Flat Aggie Adventures School Year 2016-2017

Alabama: Chickens, Peanuts, Cotton
Delaware: Soybean Harvest
Idaho: Cows
Illinois: Soybean Seed Production
Kentucky: Chickens and Farmer Volunteerism
Michigan: Beef Cattle
Missouri: Beef Cattle
North Carolina: Watermelons
Virginia: Chickens and Cows
Wisconsin: Dairy Goats
Wisconsin: Dairy Cows

Flat Aggie Adventures School Year 2015-16

Kansas: Dairy Cows
Kansas: Cows and Soybeans
Illinois: Beef Cows
Illinois: Pigs
Iowa: Corn and Soybeans
Iowa: Feed Mixing, Corn Harvest, Cows
Nebraska: Cows, Corn and Technology
Michigan: Maple Syrup
North Carolina: Strawberries
Texas: Wheat, Cows, Corn
Wisconsin:  Dairy Cows

Flat Aggie Adventures School Year 2014-2015

California: Goats
Illinois: Fish
Illinois: Pumpkins
Illinois: Soybean Harvest
Kansas: Ag College
Kansas: Wheat
New York: Alpacas
North Carolina: Sweet Potatoes
Missouri: Sheep
Oklahoma: Mushrooms
Oklahoma: Pasture Burn
North Carolina: Mt. Olive Pickle Company
Manitoba, Canada: Beef Cattle
Manitoba, Canada: Sunflowers
Ontario, Canada: Egg Laying Hens

Farmer Math

4-H Math
Alpaca Farmer Math 
Beef Farmer
Beef Cow Farmer Math
Cattle Farmer Math 
Cattle Farmer Math 2 
Corn and Soybean Farmer Math 
Corn Farmer Math Planting Edition 
Dairy Goats
Dry Edible Beans
Egg Farmer Math 
Fish Farmer Math 
Goat Farmer Math 
Grape Farmer Math
Maple Syrup Farmer Math 
Peanut and Chicken Farmer Math
Pickle Farmer Math
Pig Farmer Math
Pig Farmer Math 2
Pumpkin Farmer Math
Sheep Farmer Math
Soybean Farmer Math 
Soybean Farmer Math Harder
Strawberry Farmer Math
Sunflower Farmer Math 
Sugar Beet Farmer Math
Sweet Potato Farmer Math 
Wheat Farmer Math

 All About Pages (Additional Classroom Resources)

Dry Edible Beans
Farm Animals 
Farm Equipment
Maple Syrup
Specialty Crops
Sugar Beets
Sweet Potatoes 

Flat Aggie Adventures School Year 2013-2014:

Delaware: Baby Lima Beans, Corn, Pumpkins
Illinois: Corn, Soybeans, Popcorn, Corn Seed
Iowa: Pigs
Iowa: Chickens
Kansas: Dairy
Northwest Kansas: Cattle
Central Kansas: Cattle
South Central Kansas: Cattle, Wheat, Ethanol Plant, Wildlife, Farm Auction
Kansas: Pigs
Kansas: Flour Mill
Kansas: Calving Season
Kansas: Cattle, Ethanol plant, wheat
Kansas: Family Farm, cattle
Michigan: Robotic Dairy Cow Milking
Minnesota: Pigs
Missouri: Bees and Honey
Nebraska: Corn, Soybeans, Technology
Oklahoma/Texas: Cattle
Oregon: Dairy
Texas: Cotton
Washington: Dairy
Wisconsin: Feed Mill

Flat Aggie Adventures in the Spring of 2013:

Northern Missouri: Corn, Soybeans, Pigs, Cows
Northeast Kansas: Dairy Cows, Corn, Rye, Silage
Nebraska: GPS, Soil, Irrigation, Gardening
Delaware: Poultry, Peas, Watermelon, Lima Beans
California: Alfalfa, Almonds, Walnuts, Irrigation
Kentucky: Cows, Chickens, Coal Mine, Turkey Hunting
New Hampshire: Pigs, Timber, Christmas Trees, Blueberries, Hay

The Original Flat Aggie

 You can see more adventures of Flat Aggie on The House that Ag Built.  I actually totally stole the idea from her, but she said it was okay.

If you are interested in hosting Flat Aggie as a farmer or are a teacher who would like help finding farmers to host Flat Aggie, feel free to contact me on my contact page and I will help you in any way I can.

-A Kansas Farm Mom

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