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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

W4DW- Baked Beans

Today's recipe is a quick and easy one.  The Farmer and I left the house yesterday at 6:00 AM to vaccinate and treat heifers that had pink eye infections.  I walked in the door of the house after 10:00 PM- not much time to do a blog, because I can't keep my eyes open much longer.  I know you will enjoy this quick and simple recipe.
My mother is known to have some of the most awesome Baked Beans.  She says it is just an old church supper recipe and not a family secret.  In fact, my husband told me that he doesn’t even try Baked Beans anywhere else, because they can’t compare with my mom’s.

This is a super easy recipe to make to go to all the cookouts this time of year.  I needed a simple recipe for you this week as I am still working in the wheat field after we got a bit of rain over the weekend that stalled the progress of the harvest.  It looks like we have several days with no rain predicted, so hopefully we will make a lot of progress this week and I can get back to cooking again. 

Mix together  1 (30 oz) can pork and beans, ¾ cup brown sugar, 1 teaspoon dry mustard, and ½ cup catsup.  You can also add chopped onion and bacon.  The mixing part is important.  A few weeks ago, I mixed these up for a going away party for some of our friends, but I was short on ketchup.  I went to check some cows, got gas in town and bought ketchup on my way to the hay field.  I asked the farmer to add the ketchup to the crock pot when he got home.  I finished mowing hay about 3:00 and he said I should check the crock pot.  When I asked why?  His response was well you might want to stir it, I only dumped the ketchup on top.  LOL They didn’t quite taste the same.  They were good, but not the same.  The Farmer is good at agronomy, cattle and an awesome dad, but a cook he is not. 

Bake at 325 degrees for 2-3 hours.  If I am hosting a large party with lots of things to do, I have been known to cook them in the crock pot.  I try to drain some of the liquid off the baked beans (especially if I am using the store brand pork and beans and not Van de Camps). 

These are a sweet baked bean.  In fact, our dear friends from Arkansas came to visit last month and called them candy, maybe that is why the boys get excited when I say I am making Baked Beans.  LOL

I also have some very exciting news!  I will be guest blogging at Once a Mom Always a Cook later this month or the first of July!!  I am so excited, but I need your help.  Do you have a favorite recipe from my blog that I should share or would you like a recipe to make lasagna that you don't have to boil the noodles first?  Please let me know your thoughts! 

Enjoy and have a great rest of the week everyone!  A Kansas Farm Mom