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Friday, April 5, 2013

How To Pin to Pinterest

 I need to vent and educate a little bit today.  This past week my newsfeed on Facebook looks more like Pinterest than Facebook.  I have friends sharing recipes left and right, because the person posting the recipe said share this picture and then it will be saved in your photos, so you can go back and find it.  If you want to know more on why these are showing up and how most of them are stolen, check out this post from I am Baker.

I asked one of my friends why she felt it necessary to share the recipes like this when she has a Pinterest account.  Her response was simple, “I don’t know how to Pin something unless the blog has a Pin It button.”

Oh wow!  How many of you out there are like my friend (who will remain anonymous)?

Ok, so here on my blog, I have it set up super duper easy for you!  Just hover over any picture on the blog, and the red Pinterest P will pop up.   

Click on it and it will pop up the window to pin it for you.  How awesome is that?!  I have a super amazing friend that finds cool stuff for me to add to my blog.  Thanks Christy!  Here’s the link that taught me how to do it if you want to add it to your blog.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Danielle from over at HighHeels and Shotgun Shells helped me do a social media how to meeting for our local Farm Bureau.  The question of pinning came up there, too.  Here is how Danielle explained it:

Go to the Pinterest site.  In the upper right hand corner, click on Add.   

 Then this window will pop up.  Click "Add a Pin."

Copy the URL of the site you are wanting to pin to and paste in the URL box.  

Then you will get to pick which pictures you want to pin by scrolling using PREV or NEXT and then add a description.   You can also save to different “boards.”  That way all your recipes can be together and all your favorite farm and kid posts from A Kansas Farm Mom can be grouped together. ;)
Hope this helps!  Here is what your pin will look like:
Let’s use Pinterest to save and share those recipes.  Let’s use Facebook to keep up with friends and family and to share the cool Picture cards that I have been sharing over on Facebook.

-A Kansas Farm Mom