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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Corn Scouting by the Eagle Scout

4-H and FFA are usually the youth programs for farming families.  While my farmer husband was very active in FFA, he also grew up in the Boy Scouts of America and advanced to the rank of Eagle Scout and he lives by the motto "Be Prepared."

Being married to an Eagle Scout means that we are always preparing for what comes next.  As  my blogger friend over at Kim's County Line talked about with their wheat the other day, farmer's are always checking the crops to see how they are doing even when they aren't even out of the ground yet...
A week after the corn had been planted, he started looking to see if it was sprouting.  Farmers dig carefully, so they know where how deep the seed was placed by the planter.  See the corn seed at the tip of his pocket knife...
Here's a closer view.  To the left of the seed is the root starting to develop.  To the right of the seed is the shoot or what will become the corn plant above ground.
Pretty excited to watch this year's crop.  Corn likes warm weather, so spring can hurry up and get here and the corn will be out of the ground in no time at all.

-A Kansas Farm Mom