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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Farmer in the Making Week #2 Corn Sprouts

It is week #2 of our Farmer in the Making watching the corn grow project.  If you missed Week #1, be sure to check out Farmer in the Making.  We made sure to go check the corn before the thunderstorms and rain rolled through this afternoon.  We did get  0.7 inch of rain this afternoon.

We had to look closely to find some corn that was up and out of the ground.
 We did find some! 
Farmer Dad dug carefully where we didn't see any green peaking through the ground and not far below the surface he found the sprout pushing it's way to the surface. 

 He dug up the seed so we could see the whole plant.  The root on top that has the dirt around it is the root we saw last week.  The sprout is white and you can see several other roots that have developed over the last 7 days.

There was corn sprouting up everywhere, but honestly I don't feel bad that most of it is still under the surface.  We are predicted to be below freezing overnight and all the corn will be back to ground level after that.

I do think I got lucky today and caught this photo.  I do believe it will be enlarged soon and hanging on my wall.  2 peas in a pod most days and this captured them perfectly.

 What questions do you have about how corn grows? Leave them here, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or wherever. I don't know the answers, but I can find a farmer to get the answers from. 

-A Kansas Farm Mom