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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Farmer In The Making Week #6

If you are new here, our family is following one field of corn very closely this year.  Our youngest son won free seed corn and this is HIS corn that we go check every week to see how it is growing. 
We went out to check the corn on Sunday evening and yes it is Thursday and I am finally getting around to posting the pictures.  As you can see, the corn has really grown this past week.  The warm weather really helped out.  The bottom leaves are still showing damage from all the wind whipping them around a few weeks back.
 We also got some very beneficial rain that we were needing.  We even left muddy boot prints in the field.  YAY!!
 This may be the last time we dig up a plant for awhile.  The root systems are getting pretty big and harder to replant.
 As the corn plant gets bigger on above the ground it takes a bigger root system to get the leaves the nutrients and sunlight they need.
 If you look closely where the two boys finger's are pointing, you can see worm holes!  Earthworms are definitely a farmer's friend.  They help recycle nutrients from above ground to below the surface where the roots can get to them.
 The roots are getting pretty long. They spread out in all directions and are getting branches off of them.  They are also hard to photograph when it is cold and windy.

I will be gone most of the next week, but I will get new pictures as soon as I can.  With the rain fall you would think the corn will really grow, but we do have a Frost Advisory in effect tonight.  I sure hope it doesn't get too cold and really injure the corn.

-A Kansas Farm Mom