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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Farmer in the making Week # 8

We have been getting rain everyday for the last week, so it has made visiting the corn field a little hard some days.  While we have had rain every day, but today, the rain totals have not been that impressive.  It has been enough to keep us from working in the fields, but not enough to get the creeks running.  The rains are coming nice and slow for the most part, which is great from the young growing crops.

When it isn't raining we feel we should be doing some work and checking cows instead of visiting the corn that is loving the rain and warm temperatures.

You can see that it is really starting to grow quickly compared to last week.
Did you know that a corn plant has "leaf collars"?  Neither did I.  The Farmer showed the little farmer in the making how to count them.
They also counted the leaves on the corn plant.  I was told that the corn plant will only get 3-5 more leaves.  I can't believe it almost has all the leaves it needs to have when it will be over 6 feet tall (*fingers crossed*).
Rain drops on corn leaves is a wonderful sight after the years of drought we have endured.
I realized I hadn't taken a picture looking down on the corn "whirl." 
The Farmer was trying to convince me it was time for a new pair of boots as we left the field.  An inch worm was making his way around his boot.  My Grandma used to tell me if I had an inch worm on me that he was measuring me for new clothes.
Love this sight every time we leave the field.  Just makes my heart smile.
I thought you might also be interested in the wheat progress.  There is still a lot of green in it, but when the rain stops and the Kansas temperatures rise and the wind blows it won't take long for the fields to be ready to harvest.
While I was at the +Alltech Symposium, the guys planted quite a few soybeans.  They are growing fast in the warm temperatures and moist soil.
That's all for this week's update.  What would you like to see in the corn field next week?

-A Kansas Farm Mom