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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Beer Batter Onion Rings and Okra

I have found over the years that some of the best recipes are the simplest recipes.  Sometimes, I think I give a recipe a better rating than my family because it is easier for me to prepare, but this one everyone gives 2 thumbs up.  In fact, my youngest son turned down onion rings at my mom’s a while back because it wasn’t my batter on them.  That is a first.  My kids are always telling my mom how she is a better cook than I am and she really is.

When the boys and I were in San Antonio on the Riverwalk this winter we enjoyed the best onion rings with one of our friends.  We do enjoy onion rings from time to time, but these were amazing.  One night I decided to look a bit online to see if I could find a new onion ring batter that I actually had the ingredients to make right then.  I stumbled across this recipe in different forms and I thought it can’t be that easy, but it really is.

Beer Batter

Equal parts beer and flour, mix together.

 For best results let them sit for an hour or more, but I have made it and started dipping immediately and it works, too.
This summer, we used it recently for okra from the garden as well.  The boys were eating the okra like crazy, but the hubs wouldn’t touch it until the 3rd time I fried it.  Suddenly, he wouldn’t stop eating it and I asked why he suddenly was eating the okra.  The response?  It doesn’t taste like that stuff I have had other places, this is actually good.  There you have it, the beer batter even makes okra taste good to someone who doesn’t love it.   I wonder what I else I should try it on?

- A Kansas Farm Mom