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Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Little Farmer in the Making's Corn Harvest

We knew when we started the Little Farmer's corn field way back in April that we would have to harvest on the weekend.  There was no way that he was going to miss the combine going through the field.

Before we could go to the field, we had to do a little maintenance on the combine.  The windows were really dirty, so he helped Grandpa Art.

No, we didn't need to use the leaf blower on leaves, but it works really good on...
the air filter for the combine.  It was pretty dirty and yes it is a little bigger than the one in your car.
Finally, ready to go to the field!!!!!!
My absolute favorite picture of the entire corn harvest!  Watching the crop go into the wagon.

And we were all done.  Next, we will plant wheat in this field and let the cows eat the wheat and the left over corn stalks.
I hope you have enjoyed following this corn crop as much as our family has.  It has certainly been fun to watch the crop grow through an 8 year old's eyes rather than my old eyes.  The grain was hauled to the bins on our farm, because the elevator in town was clear full.  You might check out the post This Little Grain Went to Market to know where the corn will be used.

Stay tuned for another crop to follow with our 11 year old son.  He has plans and he has seed!

-A Kansas Farm Mom