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Friday, October 10, 2014

Pickle Farmer Math

In an effort to make math more interesting for kids, I have started a series of Farmer Math questions to go along with the Flat Aggie reports.  These are patterned after the blog Bedtime Math.  Some of the questions are easy enough for pre-schoolers and sometimes I come up with some to even challenge high school seniors.

Be sure to read the report from Mt. Olive Pickle Company and see if you can answer the math questions.

 Flat Aggie checks out one of our cutting machines. This one is cutting whole pickles into hamburger dill chips.

Pickle Farmer Math

1.  Flat Aggie helped label 4 jars of pickles.  Each jar gets 2 labels.  How many labels did Flat Aggie use?

2.  Flat Aggie packed 3 jars of pickles and his helper packed 5 jars of pickles.  How many jars did they pack in all?

3.  Flat Aggie helped pickle cucumbers and peppers form Mexico, India, Greece, Peru and the United States.  How many countries did he see vegetables from?

4.  There are 1100 tanks at Mt. Olive Pickles and each one holds 800 bushels of cucumbers.  How many bushels of pickles are there if all the tanks are filled?

5.  If a bushel of cucumbers weighs 48 pounds, how many pounds of cucumbers would there be in each tank?

6.  If 130 million jars of products are packed at Mt. Olive in a year, how many jars is that per day?  Assuming they pack jars every day.  (Round to the nearest thousand)

Answers:  1.) 8 labels  2.) 8 jars  3.)5 countries  4.) 880,000 5.) 38,400 pounds  6.) 356000 jars

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