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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Great Plains Nature Center

I truly believe that often the best gifts are spending time with your kids and educating them about something new and if that new place if free all the better.

It is no secret that I love teaching kids and I have a real passion for showing them science activities.  We discovered a real gem of a free learning experience in Wichita this fall at the Great Plains Nature Center and it is FREE! 

The kids loved the hands on activities through out the exhibits.

Being able to actually touch a deer hide or raccoon intrigued even the 7th grader in the group with me.
 Not only could they see and feel the animals, but there was a great display on the tracks they leave behind.
 Did I mention there were hands on displays?  This is only part of the display that had bones, horns, antlers, shells, fossils and more that the kids were encouraged to touch and pick up.
How about a little learning about the trees around you?  I loved this wall of the different woods inside the trees that can be found in Kansas.
The kids loved testing one another with the turntable below the wall of wood.  They covered up the answers and quizzed one another...
They could see the leaves and seeds.  I was impressed with how well my group did at identifying the different trees.

The day we attended the Great Plains Nature Center happened to be a day dedicated to all things bee related.  There were movies, honey tasting, crafts and the boys even liked making their own bees wax candles.

I loved this quote I found on one of the walls of the center.  It may be going on my office wall very soon.

The center has special activities year round and did I mention that it has no admission charge?  Check out their website to find out more. What are some places you like to take your kids or grandkids?  If you are still looking for a gift idea, maybe a science museum membership would be loved.  I know my kids really like Exploration Place in Wichita.

-A Kansas Farm Mom

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