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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Farmer Math-Eggs and Feed Mixing

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These questions follow the report after Flat Aggie visited Diamond P Ranch in Iowa.  Additional educational materials can be found in the post All About     .

1.)  Flat Aggie helped collect 6 eggs on Monday, 8 eggs on Tuesday and 10 eggs on Wednesday.  How many eggs did she collect in all?  How many dozen eggs did she collect?

2.) Vocabulary:  Diamond P Ranch has been around for a century.  How long is a century?

3.)  Flat Aggie helped fix fence.  They needed 12 feet of wire to patch the hole in the fence, so the cows couldn't get out.  The fence has 5 wires and all 5 need to be replaced.  How many feet of wire do they need to fix the hole in the fence?

 4.)  Flat Aggie helped mix feed for the calves.  If the ration is 50% corn, 33% balage, 15% soybean meal, and 2% vitamin and minerals, how many pounds of each is needed to mix 1 ton of feed?

5.)  As Flat Aggie helped load the feed mixer wagon the scale told how much feed was in the wagon.  When they added 1000 pounds of corn, it read 1000 pounds.  What would the scale need to read after each ingredient is added if they are loaded in the order of the problem above to mix the one ton of feed in problem #4.


ANSWERS: 1.) 24 eggs, 2 dozen eggs  2.)  100 years  3.)  60 feet of wire  4.)  1000 pounds corn, 660 pounds balage, 300 pounds soybean meal and 40 pounds of vitamins and minerals  5.)  1000 corn, 1660 after balage, 1960 after soybean meal and 2000 after the vitamins and minerals

In an effort to make math more interesting for kids and to make my kids understand that math really is important, I have started a series of Farmer Math questions to go along with the Flat Aggie reports.  These are patterned after the blog Bedtime Math.  Some of the questions are easy enough for pre-schoolers and sometimes I come up with some to even challenge high school seniors.

If you are a teacher or homeschooler that would like more information to go with the Flat Aggie reports, send me a message on my contact form.  Along with the report and the Farmer Math questions, we send each teacher an additional page of activities, crossword puzzles and sometimes a few hands on activities.

-A Kansas Farm Mom

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