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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Slow Cooker Roast with Vegetables

My Project Pot Roast continues after the holidays with an easy slow cooker roast that has vegetables cooking right along side the roast.  This "recipe" was sent to me by one of our local Farm Bureau agents, Karen Starbuck-Betzen 

1 Package of dry onion soup mix
Chopped onion 
Vegetables of choice
3-5 pound roast

Place all in the slow cooker all day and come home to your meal all ready for you.  My boys (the dad is the leader) aren't huge onion fans, so I left out the chopped onion.  I threw in carrots, potatoes cut into wedges and a can of green beans (suggested by one of the hired men).   I came home after a day of feeding and vaccinating cattle to a complete meal, well except that the guys like gravy with their roast.  I made the gravy and in less than 5 minutes supper was fixed which was a good thing, because Bellar Trucking was coming to get a load of soybeans.  I dished up 3 bowls and we even shared with the truck driver that evening.  

This is going into my list of favorite ways to cook a roast that I have found in this project.  How do you cook a roast?  I still have two more recipes to try, but would love to try yours.  Calving season is quickly approaching, so those roasts that can cook themselves are the best for me.  

-A Kansas Farm Mom

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