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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Teriyaki Lamb Chops-W4DW

The first lamb recipe we tried was from one of my Kansas Farm Mom Facebook followers.   I like simple, easy recipes and it is even better if it comes highly recommended by more than one person.  Shawna sent me this, "My husband likes to put lamb steaks/chops in a teriyaki marinade overnight and grill them the next day. This is a fan favorite at the Missouri State Fair for all our camping friends!"

How could cooking lamb be that easy?  I hear how so many people just hate it and I couldn't believe that a simple marinade of Teriyaki sauce could make them great, but who am I to argue with all their friends at the state fair who have a wide selection of fair foods to pick from.  I just love this picture because it shows the true size differenc between lamb and beef.  On the left are rib eye steaks and the right are the same cut from the lamb with the bone still attached.  Talk about built in portion control.  The whole family loved the teriyaki for a marinade.  As you are grilling just be careful as the sugar in the marinade tends to burn easily.  

Have you tried to cook lamb or ever considered it?

-A Kansas Farm Mom

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