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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Flat Aggie Learns about 4-H

JaelAnn Hoover and Keatynn Bull, members of the Kansas 4-H Youth Leadership Council, were honored to show Flat Aggie some of the fun things that the Kansas State Fair offers for 4-H’ers. 

The girls met Flat Aggie at the 4-H Centennial Hall, a building where some of over 30 4-H projects are displayed. Some of the projects that Flat Aggie saw were geology, where 4-H’ers learn about rocks and minerals; entomology, where 4-H’ers learn about insects; visual arts, where 4-H’ers make arts and crafts; and fiber arts, where 4-H’ers sew, crochet, quilt, and much more. Can you figure out which project is geology, entomology, visual arts, and fiber arts?
 As the girls showed Flat Aggie around, he found someone with a rocket and was curious if it could fly and learned that it could! Flat Aggie learned that the 4-H space tech project teaches 4-H’ers about how to build rockets, how to launch them, how to build rockets, and explore space through astronomy. Flat Aggie also learned that a lot of 4-H projects are related to STEM; science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
After all this exploring, Flat Aggie needed to find a place to relax. The girls took Flat Aggie to the woodworking projects to see what they could find. The girls told Flat Aggie that the woodworking project allows 4-H’ers to learn how to make things out of wood. Flat Aggie found a house, but he was a bit too tall to fit through the door so he kept looking until he found an outdoor couch. Flat Aggie decided to test it out before continuing to explore.

As Flat Aggie explored, he also learned that many 4-H’ers enjoy the photography project where they can learn how to take quality pictures. Flat Aggie tried to count how many photos where on one side of the display, but he needs a little help; can you help Flat Aggie figure out how many photos there are?  How many photos are on each row? Can you add or multiply this to find the total number of photos?
Flat Aggie learned that some of these photos will be displayed at the Rock Springs 4-H Center in Junction City, Kansas. This is where several different 4-H events are held from camps to state events. Many 4-H’ers meet new friends at these events and can learn new things. The Kansas 4-H Youth Leadership Council hosts two events at Rock Springs; Campference which combines the fun of camping with conference-style classes, and the Kansas 4-H Youth Leadership Forum where 4-H’ers can learn about leadership and much more!
While at the 4-H Centennial Hall, Flat Aggie noticed someone with a #4HGROWN t-shirt and wondered where they got it. Flat Aggie asked and learned that they were being sold at the youth council booth. Flat Aggie made a friend, Cory Clover, and together they learned about the buymanship project where one looks for an outfit that will fit their budget and needs, buys the outfit, learns about proper care, and much more. Cory Clover tried something new and ended up buying a suit after being inspired by the garments sewn by 4-H’ers, otherwise known as constructed garments.

Flat Aggie couldn’t resist visiting the livestock barns with Cory Clover to see the different animals that 4-H’ers work with. Can you name these animals that Flat Aggie visited?

While looking at the livestock, Flat Aggie and Cory Clover ran into Wade Weber, Department Head for 4-H Youth Development and State 4-H Program Leader! Mr. Weber shared how excited he was to be the new department head and State 4-H program leader. Mr. Weber showed Flat Aggie and Cory Clover the Kansas State Fair Grand Drive and Supreme Drive past winners and explained that every 4-H’er is a winner because they are part of an organization where they can grow and learn.
Flat Aggie met lots of new friends and learned a lot about 4-H at the Kansas State Fair. Flat Aggie learned that with over 30 projects in Kansas, 4-H has something for everyone, even if you don’t live on a farm! If you think that 4-H is right for you, look around to find a club nearby! One way to learn more about 4-H near you is to look on social media. In Kansas, information can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat! Another way to learn more about 4-H is to find an extension office. Join 4-H today and see how 4-H Grows Here!

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