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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Flat Aggie's January Travels

Flat Aggie had a busy late December and January traveling from Wisconsin to Illinois and on to Western Kansas learning about pigs, dairy goats and how a farm newpapers gets published!  Here are the reports, farmer math and additional information pages.  Illinois Farm Girl and I would love it if you forwarded these on to your kids, grandkids, teacher friends and home school friends.  If they would like these delivered straight to their inbox each month, please have them email me or send a private message with their email address to the Flat Aggie Facebook Page.


 Illinois Pig Farm

Pasture Pig Farmer Math  
               (This post includes links to other Pig Farmer Math questions if these aren't hard enough)

All About Pigs

Wisconsin Dairy Goat Farm 

Dairy Goat Farmer Math 
               (Also, has a second Goat Farmer Math post included in the post)

All About Goats

High Plains Journal Magazine Publisher Video

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