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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What is Worth the Fight in Your Life?

My love of Red Dirt music goes back to my college days at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK.  No, I wasn't there in the glory years of Garth Brooks, Barry Sanders or even when the basketball team won. 
Listening to good Red Dirt music was about the best entertainment on a Saturday night in Stillwater.  It seemed as I moved back to Kansas the Red Dirt music followed me to our local radio stations and concert venues.  Maybe that was due to some of my friends moving back to the area that became good friends with those playing Red Dirt music.  
I have been a fan of Cross Canadian Ragweed for years and did not realize that they had disbanded, BUT the good news is that some have regrouped as Cody Canada and the Departed.  Their new single was released yesterday and they would love it if you would listen to Worth the Fight.  

What did you think?  Are there things in your life Worth the Fight?

As most of you know that follow my blog, my husband and I truly believe that farming is Worth The Fight.  But what do we as farmers fight?

  • ·         Mother Nature:

o   Drought- no rain equals no crops and no grass or water for the cattle on our farm.
o   Freezing Temperatures-baby calves born when it is too cold outside have a brutal welcome to the world.  The mama cows have a hard time staying warm themselves and eating enough to not lose weight.
o   Floods-yes, rain is a good thing, but too much is not what any farmer wants to see.
o   Drought (yes I know I listed it twice.)-the heat of a drought can make crops disappear before your eyes.

  • ·         Not enough hours of daylight-often the things we do are so time sensitive.  When dealing with living things it seems that every task needs done yesterday.

  • ·         Extremist groups- that feed the public with misinformation.  This is the hardest fight today for many of us.  We have family members and friends asking us if the things they hear are true.  Some days it is hard to believe what others will say to hurt your way of life.


Our fight for you protects our way of life, our family.  Someone once said that farming is what we do, it is who we are.  We want our kids to grow up, learn the value of hard work and to be in touch with nature everyday.  And now you are saying to yourself, that is just great, Nicole, but what does your fight have to do with me.

Fighting for American Agriculture helps protect YOUR:

  •          Country-A country that produces its own food in abundance is a secure nation with happy citizens.

  • ·         Food Safety- We are home to the safest food supply in the world.

  • ·         Abundant Food- We are home to the most abundant and most affordable food in the world as well.

What is Worth the Fight in your life?

My Family is Worth the Fight.

-A Kansas Farm Mom

Thank you to Dairy Carrie for giving the Ag Community the idea to use this song as a blog post.


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