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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

W4DW- Steak Roll Ups

The third recipe of Beef Month is one my entire family likes and is easy enough for a week night meal, but looks good enough for a special occasion.  Since we butcher our own beef, most farm wives have to learn how to utilize all of the different cuts of beef.  One of the cuts that I have the biggest problem utilizing is round steak, minute steak, cube steak or sirloins or whatever you want to call it.  One of my family’s favorite recipes is for Steak Roll Ups.  It utilizes round steak or sirloin steak and the crock pot (my best friend when we are busy in the field).

Take one pound of round steak (these are actually minute steaks).  I have my steak cut into smaller pieces than those you might be able to find at the grocery store.  I tend to use the freezer paper to work on so I don’t to clean the counter top.

Spread the steak with 3 tablespoons of prepared mustard.  I use plain yellow mustard, but I think I may try a Dijon sometime.  I am trying to fill my freezer with cooked meals for wheat harvest, so I made a double batch.

Top with 6 strips of uncooked bacon.  The fat in the bacon helps give some moisture to the meat.  My friends that raise pigs do a fabulous job of raising their animals in climate controlled buildings that keep their animals safe from the weather and predators. 

Sprinkle with a package of onion soup mix.  I have friend in California that showed us how onion farmers dig the onions and leave them along side the field to dry before they are package and shipped to us.  It amazes me how different climates are across the United States.  Rarely could we leave a crop to dry at the edge of a field for weeks…it would rain on it and rot it away.

Roll up steak like a jelly roll.

Place rolls in the crock pot.  Did you know lean beef provides a satisfying, nutrient, rich experience in fewer calories than many other foods?  You get 10 essential nutrients in just about 150 calories.

Pour a can of cream of mushroom soup over the steak rolls.  You can also use any cream of soup such as celery or even chicken.

        Cook in the crock pot on low for 6-8 hours.  This is my adaptation of the original recipe that is found below.  I don't like to have my oven on during the summer, so I changed the recipe to the crock pot.  If you don't mind running your oven, or if you are making this in the winter the oven method is great!


       Put heavy duty aluminum foil in a pan or on a cookie sheet.  Place the steak roll on it and pour the soup over the top.  Wrap foil around the steak roll, so it does not leak steak juices.  Bake 3 hours at 325*F.  Pour off juice from one end of the foil for gravy, if desired and then reseal until ready to serve.

 Lift out and place on serving platter.  Be sure to reserve the juice for gravy to serve over the rolls.

Enjoy!  May is Beef Month and the kick-off to grilling season! Get grilling tips and recipes to try tonight or for your next barbecue!
Next week I will show you how I use one leftover steak to feed a family of four! I have been mowing hay and will get to move on to raking hay as soon as it the hay gets dried out.  I would love to get the haying wrapped up before it rains and before the boys are out of school for the summer.  Have a great rest of the week everyone! If you enjoy reading my blog, feel free to tell your friends to check it out.
- A Kansas Farm Mom

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Steak Roll-Ups

1 pound round steak                      1 package (1 oz) dry onion soup mix
3 T. prepared yellow mustard        1 can cream of mushroom soup
6 bacon strips

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Pound round steak and spread lightly with mustard on one side.  Top with strips of uncooked bacon.  Sprinkle onion soup mix over bacon.  Roll steak like a jelly roll. Put heavy aluminum foil in a pan or on a cookie sheet.  Place the steak roll on it and pour the soup over the top.  Wrap foil up and around the steak roll so it does not leak steak juices.  Bake 3 hours.  Pour off juice from one end of the foil for gravy, if desired, and then reseal until ready to serve.  Yield 4 servings.  Can also be cook in slow cooker all day on low.