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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Modern Day Tin Can Ice Cream

Happy Fourth of July to all my readers in the United States!  It is also National Ice Cream Month. It is hotter than a firecracker here in Kansas.  The boys are climbing the walls staying inside since it is so hot.  I thought it was time to have them make some ice cream.  I loved making tin can ice cream at 4-H camp when I was a kid.  

Tins cans are hard to find anymore.  Coffee doesn’t even come in a metal can in the US.  I should first admit that I confess to being a junker and the Farmer can't stand that I keep food containers around.  We decided to use an ice cream bucket and a cottage cheese carton.  I wasn't sure this would work.  I didn't know if the containers needed to be metal to get the cream cold enough to freeze.

My mother in law brought over a collection of dishes this week.  She thought I needed some new dishes for pictures.  :)

Modern Day Tin Can Ice Cream

1 cup milk
1 cup whipping cream
½ cup sugar
½ teaspoon vanilla
Smashed fruit or chocolate

Add all the ingredients into the cottage cheese carton.  Using duct tape or other heavy duty tape, tape the lid onto the carton.  A tupperware or rubbermaid container would have probably worked better and may not have needed the tape.  Place the carton inside the ice cream bucket.  Layer ice and rock salt around the sides of the carton.  Duct tape the lid on the ice cream bucket.   

Have your kids roll the bucket back and forth for 10 minutes.  This is where things didn't quite work the same as tin can ice cream.  If you have 3 people rolling the ice cream, it would probably work better.  The lid on the ice cream bucket is a larger diameter than the bottom of the bucket and it wanted to curve as it rolled.  

Open the lid on the ice cream bucket and drain ice water.  Open the carton and scrape down the sides.  Tape the carton lid on again.  (I will admit that it was hard to get the plastic dry enough for the tape to stick due to the humidity in my house.)  Pack more ice and salt around the carton, tape the lid back on the bucket and roll for 10 minutes.   Enjoy!

After a supper of ice cream, we went to work the 4-H livestock projects.  Rosie doesn't mind hugs.  

 Have a great day everyone and stay cool!!!