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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Organizing with a Door?

My friends keep telling me that I am one of the most organized people they know.  I laugh every time someone says it, because most days I feel like I am barely holding it all together.  When friends visit my house, one of the things they all comment on is my door that leads to the garage which is the thing that keeps the entire family on schedule each week.

If this door looks huge that is because it is very large.  It is a 42 inch door that I wanted specifically for one purpose:  to be able to get baby calves into my house when it is cold outside.  The calves ride in a calf sled that won’t fit through a normal door flat.  The Farmer and I got into a lot of precarious situations trying to tip a 100 pound calf in a 38 inch plastic square box to get it through a 34 inch door.  I thought an extra wide door might just save our marriage.   

These calves were trying to warm up in my house when it was -30 degrees outside.  Not every calf comes into the house, but the ones that do are usually in very critical situations and every minute counts.

I love that my husband picked this to be a metal door.  It works great to attach magnetic clips and magnetic baskets.  The clips work great to hold papers and school permission slips.  I have a basket that holds the chalk and the eraser, so I know exactly where they are when I need them.

We painted the door with chalk board paint.  It did take several coats to get the white paint covered, but it covered very nicely (better than the paint I used on the other side of the door).  After the paint dried, the directions say to coat the entire door with chalk dust by rubbing a piece over the entire surface before writing on it.  This does make it easier to erase your messages. 

I love that everyone can see what is planned for the day as they walk out the door.  It is big enough for those really busy weeks when everyone is going 15 different directions.  I also keep a monthly calendar hanging right next to the door.  When someone asks if we are available, you can see The Farmer walking to the mudroom to check the door and not his phone.  :) 
This is just one way that I try to keep the family organized.  Since I started using this as my weekly calendar, everyone helps each other remember meetings and appointments.  How do you stay organized?