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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Farm Boy Halloween

Farm boys seem to have their own unique ideas of what makes a great Halloween costume.  I probably don't help this matter when I am one of those moms that would prefer to make our costumes instead of buy them.  I thought you might enjoy a couple of our favorite Halloween costumes.

The John Deere Tractor:

Safety first:  no tractor is complete without a Slow Moving Vehicle emblem on the back.

The hardest part of this costume is keeping the 2 boxes connected.  This year, we used bolts and nuts to hold them together.

He insisted on the muffler that he found himself.  Foam pipe insulation made a great light weight muffler.

The Ear of Corn

This has been one of my favorite costumes over the years.  I printed the corn design onto iron on paper and applied to white material that we sewed into the green shucks.  The silks we left over from a centerpiece I had at some time...kind of like gold Christmas tree icicles but stiffer.  When one of the boys was younger, we loaded him into a wagon filled with real ears of corn for the local kiddie parade.

Do you have a favorite costume that your kids have used over the years?

-A Kansas Farm Mom