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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Farmer's Strive for Perfection

There are some days I wonder how I earth I was lucky enough to meet my husband's high standards and get to marry him.  I mean he is very particular about A LOT of things.  Let's take the new planter for example.  Here it is the day it arrived.

Isn't it a beautiful blue piece of expensive machinery?  We actually bought it brand new, which we do not do very often.  We usually lean toward the gently used equipment, because just like a gently used car you can save a ton of money.  Now, most would think that it would be ready to go to the field and plant the next day.  Right?!  Well, not for my wonderful husband.  There were some of these wheels that he didn't like and had ordered new ones.  (Remember it had never been to the field when we did all of this.)

The planter arrived about a month after it was scheduled to on the Saturday before Easter.  (We won't go into how stressful it was wondering if we would have a planter to plant the corn for a month.)  On Easter Sunday, my parents and aunt came for lunch.  While most people would sit back and relax, watch the kids play games and just enjoy the beautiful day, my dad says, "So what does the planter need before it goes to the field?"

That is why we all ended up at the planter.  We had to take the white wheels off and put the black ones on.  Two wheels on every row.  32 rows.  I'll let you do the math.

My 76 year old aunt even got drug into the shop and given a job.  Doesn't she look thrilled? LOL
Lining up the bolts and the washers my aunt handed him...
The new wheels back on the planter.

The box the wheels came in was pretty big. My mom and I are pretty short, so the 7 year old climbed in the box to hand them to us.  Everyone was in on this, except his big brother who was smart and went to play with his horse.  My dad and I were there.  Honest!  We took all the wheels off and ran the impact wrench (I'm a regular Rosie the Riveter), but no one else was amused by taking pictures so we have no proof that we were there.  :)
The planter got to go to the field and try out the new wheels.

And then he realized he didn't like where the fertilizer tanks were located.  (Here we go again...)

-A Kansas Farm Mom