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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

W4DW-Ernesto's Mexican Restaurant

What's for Dinner Wednesday?  I'm not cooking!  I had a good friend ask this week if I cooked as much as it looks like I do on this page.  Yes, I really have made everything except for a portion of the guest posts.  We do occasionally get to go out to eat.  Remember it is 2 hours to Wichita, Tulsa or Joplin, so most chains are out of the question, but we have some amazingly good locally owned restaurants.  I plan to start showcasing them in case some of you are traveling through the area, you can find a great place to stop and get a bite to eat.

Our first selection is Ernesto's Mexican Restaurant in Parsons, Kansas.  The Farmer took me on many dates to the original Ernesto's that was demolished by a tornado several years back.  Lucky for us, they rebuilt and the food was still great.  The service is always friendly, courteous and prompt. 

One of our friends told me it was the best Mexican food she had eaten since she left California where she grew up.

Of course, every meal starts with chips and amazing salsa.  They do offer a hot salsa if you desire more spice.

They have a full bar complete with frozen and traditional margaritas.

Our personal favorite item is the Shredded Beef and Cheese Chimichanga.

Here is the inside of the beefy, cheesy goodness.

My mom chose to have the Beef Enchiladas.
The boys love the Kids Quesadilla with rice and beans.

My brother chose a crisp taco and a beef enchilada.
For something different, I chose to try the beef taquitos.  They were good, but I still love the chimis.  
So what do you think of showcasing local restaurants.  Local is a relative term to me...I already have pictures from a diner 100 miles away.  :)  Do you have any suggestions for me to go try?  If it keeps raining and we can't get in the field, I may have to convince The Farmer to take me out to eat again this week.

-A Kansas Farm Mom