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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Plant Swap Goodies

Today is the annual plant exchange that I co-host with my good friend Vickie.  If you missed the details of how the exchange works, check out this post.  I thought you might like to see what my little man and I dug up this morning to take to the exchange.  Notice the great care that we took to pot the plants...not.  I am taking extras for a couple of friends that wanted to come, but don't have anything to trade.  We have a deal that they will help with refreshments, if I bring plants to cover for them.  This works great because, I have been busy with the boys and haven't had a lot of free time to spend in the kitchen.

The Truck is all loaded.

Ajuga is a great shade ground cover.
Apple Mint is great for someplace that nothing else will grow and will hold soil.  Very invasive!!!

A very old bulb species.  The flower was much prettier before my faithful assistant got it muddy.

Live Forever is a bushy sedum that takes very little care.

Lilly of the Valley works great in the shade and in the right conditions will spread out.

I wish the Grape Hyacinth were still blooming.  My kids love this little ground cover like bulb.

Garlic I got from a plant exchange a few years ago.  Invasive and spreads well.

Orange bearded iris my aunt gave me a few years back.

Surprise Lilly bulbs from my husband's grandmother's yard.

Variegated Solomon's Seal that Vickie gave me several years ago.  Grows great in shade and spreads easily.


Vinca Minor can be invasive

Variegated Vinca Major can be very invasive.
My mother in law brought hers over, so I could take them for her
Wild daisies that grow well in the area.

Sedum ground cover.

I will try to take pictures of what I bring home, but don't expect me to remember the names of everything.  :)

-A Kansas Farm Mom