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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kansas Wheat Tour Site Seeing

I have lots of pictures to share you of some of my travels across Kansas that I have been saving for a rainy day.  Well, when Wheat Harvest arrived the rain disappeared and hasn't came back.  I finally got all the field work done, the boys are finishing up projects for the 4-H fair and I am about to get the paperwork pile on my desk under control.  

Everyone thinks that Kansas is flat and boring.  I've found that if you get off the Interstate Highways there are a lot of interesting things to see and there are hills and valleys and sand dunes and trees and lakes and rivers.  Just slow down a little and you might see them, too.

Here are some pictures that I took on my whirlwind trip of Kansas with my brother back in May.  Most of these were taken at 65+ miles per hour.  He was not about to slow down when I wanted to take a picture; however, he did circle the block once or twice for me to get a picture of a cool building in a town.

Some of these I wanted to take and some he thought I needed to share.  Enjoy!

A picture of Hutchinson Manufacturing as we whizzed by.  They make lots of grain augers for farmers.

See, a hill with wind turbines making electricity for those across the nation.

I love the rock signs that lots of farmers put in front of their farms and homes.

Have you ever seen an entire fence with rock posts?  These certainly don't rot like wood.

My brother pointed out this game bird farm.  There are lots of great places to go hunting in Kansas some have pen raised birds, but many have wild game.

I just love seeing old signs and the old logos of businesses that are still around today.

This picture was literally taken at 70 mph.  I thought it came out great.  I love the old limestone houses and barns.

No trip to Kansas is complete without a dust devil sighting..

or two.

And don't forget tumbleweeds!

This had nothing to do with Kansas, but I loved what this trailer had to say on the back.

Western Kansas uses a lot of water to irrigate their crops.  This farmer was using flood irrigation while...

this farmer chooses to use center pivot irrigation like a lawn sprinkler.

Of course, no trip to Western Kansas is complete without driving by at least one feed yard where cattle are fed grain and fattened.

The sky scrapers of Kansas are a bit different.  You can see 3 large grain storage building here.

I just love the post rock fences.  This whole pasture fence was still intact.

Another stone house that has seen its better days.

I totally loved this old bank building!  I really wanted to stop and go inside, but I was told no.

No old buildings here.  This is Greensburg, Kansas.  If you will remember, almost the entire town was destroyed by and F5 tornado.  They have built the town back and have tried to be as green as possible in doing so.

The Greensburg John Deere Dealer built their dealership back and is LEED certified.  They even have wind turbines to power the store!

More Kansas the form of giant silos that were being constructed south of Garden City.

I hope you enjoyed my tour of Kansas.  I have a few other stops that I would like to share with you as time allows.  Maybe the next time you are flying across Kansas on the Interstate, you will take a side road for a few miles and stop and see what we really have to offer.

-A Kansas Farm Mom