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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Crew That Keeps Me Sane

This year the weather has forced us to squeeze as much work as possible into a shorter time frame than normal.  We are blessed to have a great group of support that helps us get the work done and watch the boys. 

My father in law retired in 2007, but still helps out almost everyday and my mother in law plays taxi driver quite often when needed.  She also will bring food to the field if we ask for it (the boys always ask for food to be delivered to the field).

Mr. Kyle started working for us long before he could drive.  He graduated from High School this year and we were pretty proud of all the work he put into his senior project.  He just took a job in town and plans to take some college classes.  We know that farming isn't his passion, but he says he still plans to come back on the weekends when we are busy.

My cousin just started helping us in June.  He moved here from the Houston area.

My boys couldn't be happier to have him here.  I think they love him almost as much as my brother did when he was their age.  Hopefully, he is enjoying himself on the farm, because ever since he got here we have been working non stop.  This hasn't given him much time to meet people in town and be social.  (Yes ladies, he is single.)

Of course, the boys help us.  They can now do the smaller chores and the oldest is learning to drive the lawn mower, which is a huge help.  They also make some pretty good snacks for the lunch boxes and keep me awake in the tractor and combine.

My parents are great help.  They go get parts, watch the boys, are a mobile weather reporting know what?  They are our jack of all trades go-fors.  They even find fun activities for us to do if it happens to rain.

We have also had an amazing group of babysitters over the years.  The boys insist that they have 2 sisters and an older brother that's how close they are to the babysitters.

And of course my farmer hubby is part of the crew.  He is the one that keeps me grounded and reminds me what is really important.  He pushes me to do things better and is also my biggest cheerleader. (Don't tell him I said that though.  I don't think he will like being called a cheerleader.)

Now, let me be clear.  The Farmer and I used to do most of the work ourselves with his dad, but as my blog title infers I am also a mom.  Having these guys help us has allowed me to go:

On the State Geology Trip...

And witness this amazing sight at Lamb Camp...
I am so blessed to have the "team" that helps us farm and lets me be a mom, too.  I really think the boys look at Kyle as a big brother and he disciplines them as such and he even came to watch them show at the county fair.  :)  Cousin Alan was pretty special to them before he came, so now that they get to see him every day is totally awesome to them.  (I think they are about to drive him nuts, though.  It's been a long time since his son was that age.  LOL) 

I am so blessed that I get to raise my kids on a farm, I get to work in my dream job and I have an amazing group of family that gives me time to enjoy both.  The family that helps us all (whether blood or not) has made my life so full that I can not even start to explain.  Kyle and all the babysitters have became a part of our family and I think somehow we became a part of theirs.

If you are wondering how much work this group can accomplish, here is a post I did last fall on how big our farm is.

Who helps you keep it all together from day to day?  Have you taken a chance to thank them?

-A Kansas Farm Mom