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Monday, August 19, 2013

Not your Typical Summer Camp

Every summer kids get sent to different camps all over the world.  Kids go to space camp, church camp, basketball camp, football camp, cattle camp and sheep camp.   

Yes, I said cattle and sheep camp.  Kids that really want to do well at showing spend hours at home practicing.  They also often attend camps to get help with things beyond their parent’s expertise.

This summer, I sent my oldest son to a lamb camp.  Just like all camps he made some new friends.  Friends that he will probably see again this fall and next spring at shows.

Friends that understand what it is like to get up early and stay up late to take care of animals.

Friends that he will battle against in the show ring, but I guarantee you when they walk out they will congratulate each other and continue to be friends.

They learned how to clip their lambs.

They learned how to present themselves and the lambs better in the show ring.

They became friends.

At the You Gotta Believe Camp, the kids also were brought closer to God.  They were led through devotions and prayed together…even with their lambs.

There are no kids that work harder than 4-H and FFA kids.   Not their show dad. Not their show mom.  When they go in that ring, it is all about them and their animal.  They are a team.  If something goes wrong in front of the crowd, there is no one to blame or congratulate other than the team in the ring. 

What was your favorite type of camp to attend growing up?
-A Kansas Farm Mom