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Friday, September 27, 2013

BBR- Mrs. Wishy Washy

Farm books come in all shapes and sizes at our house.  My second grader is getting back into the swing of school.  I have this whole pile of books in the office that I need to write Book Barn Reviews about.

He picked up Mrs. Wishy Washy this week by Joy Cowley.  We have the board book edition.  We are having a competition to see who can get this BBR done or math homework done first.  While this book is well below his grade level, I am just happy he is willing to read part of the time.

We have read this book a lot as the boys grew up.  In fact, I think it rode in the feed truck all one winter.  I used to read quite often to the boys between pastures.  Yes, my boys grew up riding in a feed truck.  We read books while dad drove and they learned to count by counting cows.  In fact, the boys have been good at subtraction just from riding with us.  The conversations often go like this, "We are missing 5 cows."  "There are 2 cows."  "That means we still need 3 cows."

Ok, back to the Book Barn Review.

Mrs. Wishy Washy does not like that the animals have rolled in the mud and gives them all a bath.  The author uses a lot of repeating phrases that are fun to say like, "Oh Lovely mud" and "wishy washy, wishy washy."

If you are looking for a very early reader or a book that is just fun to read to the new kid in the family, I highly recommend Mrs. Wishy Washy by Joy Cowley.

What has been one of your favorite farm books to read to the kids or grandkids? 

-A Kansas Farm Mom