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Friday, September 6, 2013

BBR-Pancakes, Pancakes!

Remember, in the Spring I started this "series" call the Book Barn Review and I did one little post and never followed up.  Well, I am going to attempt to revive the "series." 

This week’s BBR- Book Barn Review is one of my favorite books by Eric Carle also the author of the super popular kid’s book the Hungry Hungry Caterpillar.  Pancakes, Pancakes!  is a great book to share with kids who are struggling with where their food really comes from.  I believe all kids should know where their food begins.

Jack wakes up in the morning and informs his mother he wants a big pancake for breakfast.  His mother is already busy with her day’s work and says he must help her.  She asks him to cut the wheat and take it to the mill to be made into flour.

He must collect an egg and milk the cow and then churn the butter. 

There is even a recipe to help the kids make their own pancakes.

This is a great book to use in the classroom.  The Farmer and I love to show kids how to take a head of wheat in our hand to separate the seeds from the chaff.  The kids are always amazed when we show them the seeds.

My Flat Aggie Post from Heim Dairy is a great way for kids to see dairy cows on a real dairy.  

Churning butter can be done easily even in a preschool class.  Here is the lesson from Oklahoma Ag In theClassroom. 

Do you have a favorite farm, ranch or where food comes from book that you would like to share?

-A Kansas Farm Mom