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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Flat Aggie Farm Guide Suggestions

I have been working with a group of teachers to bring how food is raised into their classrooms through what I call the Flat Aggie Project.  Below is a part of the how we do the project.  Be sure to click on the Flat Aggie Page to see all the details.

Flat Aggie Tour Guide Report Suggestions

Flat Aggie Reports need to be back to me no later than the 15th of the month you are assigned.
The written report should be around 700 words.

Print Flat Aggie on regular sized paper.
Some hosts have found attaching Flat Aggie to a paint stick
or yard stick makes picture taking much easier.
It your farm includes lots of water, you should consider laminating Flat Aggie or printing several copies.
It is totally legal to give Flat Aggie a wardrobe change especially in the winter months when he is not dressed appropriately.  

Ideas for what to include in your report:

·         Your location
·         Crops and/or livestock on your farm
·         Is your area known for certain ag products?
      One of the second grade teachers is looking to teach the kids more about land forms.
·         What’s the weather like?

Flat Aggie should be in every picture; 

however, if you have pictures from other parts of the year, feel free to include them.  If you want to hide FA in one picture, that is fine.  Mrs. Piatt said the kids had to find FA before she could read the next paragraph the first year (think Where’s Waldo?).

    Focus on one Farm Product

If you plan to focus on 1 ag product, or have a way we could get the kids a snack featuring one of your ag products that would be great.  I will try to find out how many kids are in each class.  For my son’s class, I may try to take a snack that features something from the report if I have enough time to plan ahead.  Things I have thought of are: chocolate covered soybeans (I have a source). Beef jerky, cheese, watermelon, etc.  Or if you have something else you or a commodity group would like to share with the class that would be great, but don’t feel obligated.

The Written Report

Send the written report in a word document or email to me with the pictures as attachments. 
If you have a blog of your own, I would love it if you posted the Flat Aggie Report from your farm on your blog.  Just email me the link when it is online and I will get it to the teachers.  I will also put a link to your FA report on my FA page as well as send links to it on Facebook and Twitter.  

Suggest other Farm Hosts

If you know someone else that would like to host, let me know and I will see if we haven’t covered everything on their farm with another report.  I have several Flat Aggies out touring and I can use lots of farmers.

Nicole Small
-A Kansas Farm Mom