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Friday, October 4, 2013

Fun Friday Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

The boys and I took off for a little bit this afternoon to visit our local Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze ran by some of our fellow farmer friends.  It is located north of Independence, Kansas.  If you are looking for a day trip to the area, they aren't far from the Little House on the Prairie site.
We even picked up a little guy that happens to live at the pumpkin patch to go along with us to find pumpkins.  He fits well with my boys don't you think?
The pumpkin patch was a great place for the boys to run off energy after school.
They finally found just the pumpkin they were looking for.
It was a little bigger than my blonde headed helpers could manage, so I had to help them out.

And they were off again...
Did I mention that the Reichenberger's are full time farmers as well?
I love this picture with their farm in the background.
The boys made sure we covered the entire pumpkin patch.  They even found the part of the patch with the gourds...which I love.  They didn't have a good crop of the miniature pumpkins, but they did have some other cool gourds to check out.

Of course there was the corn maze to go through, but we decided to come back on a cooler day with dad. 

It was over 85* and thunderstorms were on the horizon.  We didn't want to be stuck in there with rain coming.

Getting inside the maze can really make you wonder if you will ever find your way out again.
I love the old tractors that are on display at the entrance of the corn maze.

And I love the details, too. :)

Of, course they have a place to get your picture taken.
My boys say one of their favorite things is the grain bin.  Inside (after you take your shoes off) the kids can play in the corn like a big sand box...or snow pile as my oldest thought he needed to make corn angels.
One of the unique items is the pumpkin chuckin Trebuchet.

Marty told me that if they had taken this one to the world championship in Delaware (like Flat Aggie learned about) last year they would have place 9th.  This thing really can sling a pumpkin.
They have some pretty neat stuff in the small gift area that they have including some yummy Louisburg apple cider products.

This was one of my favorite decorations I found on the shelves.
The family also rents the patch out for parties complete with fire pits to cook your own S'mores.

The boys and I had a great time just spending time together and taking a little time to relax and enjoy the outside at someone else's farm.  There is always something we have to do at our place, so it was nice to not have to worry about feeding or getting to the field.

I hope you take time to slow down with your family and go enjoy a pumpkin patch near you.  If you do visit the Reichenberger's remember they are a family farm, they are still taking care of cattle, planting wheat and harvesting soybeans while keeping the pumpkin patch going.  Be sure to tell them that I sent you!

-A Kansas Farm Mom