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Thursday, November 7, 2013

BBR-Days on the Farm

I work hard to find books that show an accurate picture of farm life, so when we get a great one as a gift it means that much more.  This week's Book Barn Reviews is Days on the Farm by Kim Lewis.  It is my favorite book ever given to my boys by my aunt Carolyn.

Kim Lewis lives on a farm and does an amazing job of telling the stories about the dogs that work on the farm. 
She shows relationships between farm kids and the working dogs and how most farm kids at certain points in their life can't wait to grow up to be like dad.

Maybe I am partial to this book because we were training 2 Border Collie pups when she gave it to my boys.  I really could see them in all of these stories.

This book is a chapter book with several stories and a higher reading level than most I have shared with you so far.  What are your favorite farm story books?  What was your favorite as a child growing up?

-A Kansas Farm Mom

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