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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why Do we even care?

Am I am the only one that notices how much we all work to impress others?  Those that may or may not have an important part in our life.  We lose weight, buy high dollar face creams, try to have the nicest house, dress perfectly, dye our hair, and drive the best car within our means.  But Why? 

Last week, I talked to 2 different friends that were frantically cleaning their houses.  Why?   Was it for some big party?  Was the president coming over to visit?  No.  One was cleaning for her parents to visit.    The other was cleaning before her husband got home from a trip, but her house was a wreck because she had been gone 3 weeks with the death of her father all while her husband started a new job.  Why did they feel that their houses needed to be spotless for those that should love them unconditionally?  Was it worth the stress it put on them and their families?  Why did they even care?

This year, we made the decision to change schools for our kids.  It was the hardest decision we have had to make for my kids.  I suffered from sleepless nights, starting grinding my teeth, was moody and anxious beyond comprehension all summer.  I survived  the most stressful first 9 weeks of my life and I am not even in school.  I have a friend that is homeschooling that feels the same way.  While I know it is the right decision for my children’s future, why do I feel anxiety every time I go to the grocery store?  Why do I get apprehensive every time someone asks me about their classes?  Why do I feel that I need to please everyone around me?  Why do I even care?

I get mad and defensive when I see someone post about farmers and ranchers even though I know deep down that they are not talking directly about me.  It hurts and I often lose sleep.  I have family that got defensive and upset when I made a comment about city people and assumed that I was talking directly about them.  It is no different and I was not.  But why do we even care?

There is only One that we should try to please every day.   I have so many friends that suffer from anxiety and depression, because they can’t handle the stresses of our fast paced lifestyle and constant interaction with everyone in person and on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, etc.  I am sure that you have those friends suffering as well, you just don’t know it.  I probably could benefit from some sedatives, the Lord knows I have stress in my life.  We have a huge mental health clinic in our rural area that services so many with mental health issues that is unbelievable to me.  I am very glad that I have friends that are there to help those willing to admit they need the help.

How happy would we be if we didn’t care about what other people think and only think about what God thinks of our actions?  How happy would we be if we felt we could talk openly and honestly with every one without judgment?  

Why is it so important to us that everyone approve of our actions?  Why do we feel we need to pass judgment on our neighbors?  Why do we even care?

I am challenging myself to take a step back and not care about others opinions this coming year and just make sure I am happy with the decisions that I make.  

-A Kansas Farm Mom