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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Decorating brings back Memories

Decorating our tree each year is always a walk down memory lane for the whole family.  I am not one to have a perfectly matched tree.  It is filled with ornaments that the kids made, that I made, that the Farmer made and some not so traditional ornaments.

When we visited some of our good friends about 10 years ago, when we were expecting our first child, I spied a pair of baby shoes.  I learned they were their son's first shoes, who was over 40 at the time.  I loved the idea.
 The boys can't believe their feet were ever that small.  I love remembering those first steps and the first Christmas.
 The boys got really excited when they pulled out the picture ornaments today.  It was too cute.  No, these aren't perfect and no they weren't expensive, but they hold memories.
 I really love these we did with a group of friends one year.  We printed the pictures on parchment paper and then placed in an empty ornament. 
 Of course, there are the antique ornaments that we also remember as kids on our grandmother's trees.  My aunts, mother, and mother in law let me take possession of the glass balls that I wish could talk and tell stories about Christmas' past.  Yes, they are displayed very high where 2 boys have a harder time breaking them.
While I do love to look at the beautiful trees that have matching ornaments, garland and all, I love my tree most and the memories it holds.

What is your Christmas decorating style?

-A Kansas Farm Mom