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Thursday, February 20, 2014

DIY- More Agtastic Baby Gifts

Here lately in my circle of Ag Blogger friends I am feeling like the "old fart."  It seems every time I turn on Facebook there is another announcement of a due date.  I am so excited for my friends and am ready to welcome them into the amazing and sometimes crazy world of motherhood.  A few that are expecting or recently had babies are:
I made some cute ag themed onesies for my cousin a few months back and shared them with you, but for my friends that LOVE agriculture, I had to change them up a little bit and make a totally new one for my pork loving friends.  :)

If you want to receive gifts that are returnable, don't invite me to a shower or wedding.  You can ask Danielle of High Heels and Shotgun Shells after her wedding shower and wedding.  I don't do gift registry or gift cards.  I love Pinterest to find ideas and I like to come up with my own ideas, too.  I LOVE the iron on transfers for your printer.  They make customizable gifts so easy! Like these onesies.

Did you know that 1 farmer feed 155 people?  For the babies that will be proud that their daddy is a farmer or rancher:
This slogan has been around awhile on bibs from different groups.   Of course, my favorite for my rancher friends.
If you don't want to make your own, you can order from the Kansas State Collegiate Cattlewomen or the Iowa Beef Industry Council.

My husband's favorite is sure to start a conversation or two.  ;)

If you like this one, I have one I totally messed up on the back and printed upside down.  I can mail it to you. It would be perfect for the kid that likes to hang upside down.

Specially designed for my friend who works for the Kansas Pork Association.  I thought about this one for a long time before I came up with what I thought was a perfect complement to the beef one above that her rancher husband liked.

What other onesies should I make?  What should I make for the older siblings?  What are some of your favorite baby gifts to give?

-A Kansas Farm Mom