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Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Making of a Farmer Week #3--Brrrrr

Well this week's post isn't much different from last week's.  You see on Monday, April 15, it was cold.  I mean really cold it snowed.  
Corn does not like cold weather.  
Corn likes warm weather.

The cold weather didn't kill the corn, but it did damage it.  As you can see on the plant below, the tips of the leaves that were out of the ground did get damaged by the cold weather.

 A few of the plants were smart and stayed under cover while it snowed and are starting to push their way out today.

This week we need warm weather.  This week my little farmer's corn could really use a good soaking rain.  If all those things happen this week, we might see the corn really start to grow faster.

Until next week,
A Kansas Farm Mom