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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Farmer in the Making Corn Week #11

This week's corn report is a bit late.  We have been busy in the wheat field, the boys and I went on the State 4-H Geology Field Trip and we have been planting soybeans.  I also wanted to wait until we saw something new and exciting in the field.  We have tassels!!!!!  The brace roots now have roots on top of the brace roots.  The corn looks a lot different than last week.
Here's a picture of a set of brace roots just starting, so you can see it a little better.  This was pretty exciting to my little farmer in the making.
He also has silks!  Here is what he learned about the silks.  Each silk attaches to the corn cob and is responsible for one kernel of corn.
The tassels have pollen falling off of them.  The pollen falls down onto the silk.  Each silk must have pollen touch it to fertilize the silk and make the kernel.
Here is an ear just starting to come from the stalk with no silk quite yet.

My #littlefarmerinthemaking was amazed at how much the corn has continued to grow taller.  He has also learned that you need to get down below the leaves to see what is really going on in the field. 
My mom overheard the boys this week trying to figure out how much money they thought he would make.  They sure thought they had enough to buy a $30 item. At least they aren't dreaming too big.

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-A Kansas Farm Mom