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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas in the Country Revealed!

First of all, I want to say thank you to the wonderful co-hostesses of the Christmas in the Country:
Laurie of Country Linked
Jamie of This Uncharted Rhoade
Erin of Diaries from the Dirt Road 
Robyn of The Ranch Wife Chronicles

These beautiful ladies went above and beyond matching 70 country minded ladies with a perfect match to get a gift from.  We were to keep it a secret who our gifts were for, but I have to be honest...I already followed my gift giver and was seriously hoping she was sending her gift to me as she posted sneak peaks as she agonized over what to send and making the gift on her Facebook page

Jennifer of From My Front Porch knows me so well that she sent me a gift with what theme?

Cows of course!

 Not only did she send mugs, but she sent the ingredients for her mom's Hot Chocolate.  I remembered reading her post last year as I was trying to come up with homemade gift ideas thinking she probably had an amazing recipe, but you really must read to find out her mom's super secret special ingredient that makes great hot chocolate. 
And she made the mugs herself!  I love the super cute mugs and must find out where she got them.  Jennifer has amazing photography that you really should check out.  She is an amazing cook that shares her recipes.  I know she is a great cook, because I have actually ate supper at her dining room table and sat on her Front Porch!

Last year when I got my gift from Nebraska Wheatie, I thought it couldn't be topped, but I do believe these two gals both get me perfectly and I still have a picture that Tracy sent me last year on display in my dining room.

Thank you so much Jennifer!  I love my mugs and my kids are mad I won't let them drink out of them!  :)

Now, here is the funny part of my gift this year.  I actually made etched glasses for my Christmas in the Country blogger, too.  Be sure to go say hi to Brandi at Lipstick and Tractors and see what I sent her way.

Have you ever made etched glasses?  It is really quite easy.  If you would like to know how, leave me a comment and I will put a post together, so you can make customized birthday gifts all year long!

-A Kansas Farm Mom

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