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Friday, January 3, 2014

Thank You Nebraska Wheatie!

When my friend Laurie from Country Linked said she was helping co-host of Christmas in the Country Blogger & friends gift exchange, I first thought oh how fun and then I thought about everything going on in our lives and wondered if I had time to look for yet another gift.  I am so glad I did take time to put together a gift, but I will admit that the gift I sent was NOTHING like the gift I received from Tracy of Nebraska Wheatie.

My youngest loves this cute little snowman that Tracy made herself from burlap.  If fits right into my country decor and will probably hang out on the kitchen counter after the Christmas decorations are packed away.
 What girl doesn't love  chocolate?  These Chocolate Meltaways are made in Nebraska and are awesome.  Yes, I still have some, because my boys haven't figured out they are chocolate yet.  ;) 
The really fun thing about them is that you can select your flavor.  The bag gives you the key to the wrapper code.  This is much better than the big box of chocolate with a "map" of what flavor is where.  I highly recommend these chocolates!

 Everyone that I know that works outside in the winter battles dry cracked hands.  This hand cream is one of the best I have found and I may very well be placing an order with Tammy's Soap Shack to get the whole family through the rest of this winter.

 Oh, Tracy knows me so well!  Yes!  A Cookbook was just the ticket for a great gift for me especially one full of quick and easy meal prep.  I have a lot of new recipes to try out.  When it was icy last week, we tried several and were not disappointed.
 I LOVE this egg.  I have no idea how they made it (I am trying to figure it out).  I hope Tracy will share with us where or how it was made.  The picture does not do it justice.
 The crowning piece of my gift was a photo taken my Tracy.  If you know how our fall has been with our family and how a farmers life changes constantly, then you know this is perfect.  It hangs in my kitchen where I can see it everyday. 

Thank you to Country Linked and This Unchartered Rhoade for hosting and I look forward to next year.  In fact, I am going to keep a list of locally made products just for this project.  Be sure to check out the other participants in the Christmas in the Country exchange.  And don't forget to check out the Nebraska Wheatie blog and learn all about a Custom Harvester family from Nebraska.

-A Kansas Farm Mom