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Friday, March 6, 2015

#TBT A New Series

While preparing to attend the Farm Food Connection event this week (I will share more about it later), my friend +Annie Shultz of Mama Dweeb asked a question that gave me an idea on a new series.

She asked, "What changes have you made in farming and why? (I would love to know the answer from a 2nd generation or more farmer who made changes from the way their parents/grandparents did things."  

Wow!  Well, there are a LOT of things we do differently.  The Farmer and our newly hired man, Heath, both looked at me and said where would you even start?!?!?

So, that got me thinking.  The farmer's family has been farming in Kansas 100 years this year and my family hit that milestone a few years back.  How would you like to see pictures from our farm over the years compared to our farm today along with comparisons of the changes in farming practices? I have both of our mothers digging through old photographs for me. I am planning a series of #TBT (throwback Thursday) posts to share more of our farm's history and how we have made the changes to today. 

We sure don't farm like our father's did, but our kids still do work hard on the farm.

Here's a little something to get you thinking about all the changes we have made over the years...

If you are a farmer, what would you put on my list?  Would you like to share an aspect of your farm that has changed and share some of your farm's history?  I would love to share it and I am sure others would love to read it.  Please send me a message on my contact form and we will talk farming!

-A Kansas Farm Mom

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