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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hi! I am Flat Aggie

Hi, my name is Flat Aggie.  I am a cousin of Flat Stanley.  Have you read any books about his adventures?  He sure has had some fun adventures and learned lots of cool stuff traveling around in an envelope.  He had so much fun that I decided it would be fun to travel in an envelope, too.  

I don’t know about you, but I like food because I am a growing girl and I like to eat.  This school year, I am planning trips to learn about how food is grown all across North America and your class is going to learn with me.  I have trips planned for Texas to Canada and California to North Carolina. 

Of course, I will visit cow and pig farms, but I hope I get to learn about things like grapes and strawberries.  Last year, my brother not only learned about  the food that farmers grow, but he also learned about the families that grow our food, climates, geography and a little farmer math. 

I hope you already know that milk is bought at the grocery store, but it is actually made by cows.  I plan to visit some of these cows as well as pigs and cows that we get hamburger and steaks from, too. 

If you want to show your parents more about me, tell them to find the Flat Aggie Facebook page where I post all of my adventures.  I also have some farmer friends that will post extra information about the types of farms I visit that your teacher may or may not have time to use in the classroom.  These farmer friends of mine also know how boring math can be sometimes, so they put together Farmer Math problems to help us practice our skills and those can be found on my Facebook page. 

If you have any questions about the farms I visit, have your teacher send them to me and I will find an answer for you.  If you really enjoy one of the farms I visit, I encourage you to write or draw the farmers a thank you note.  It takes a lot of work to take care of me when I visit, so I am sure they would appreciate it. 

I look forward to sending you lots of information about the farms I visit.  One of the farms I was scheduled to visit this month is having a bit of a crisis right now and I hope to get to them very soon. They are located in California and are very close to a wildfire, so showing me around their farm isn't as important as trying to help with controlling the fire.  I hope they stay safe and I can visit them real soon!

Until my first report, study hard and be good for your parents and teachers.

Your Friend,
Flat Aggie

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