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Monday, November 12, 2012

Norma II

I have found that writing this blog has helped in ways that I never imagined it would.  I thought I was doing this to help you 1. understand where your food comes from and 2. find easy, nutritious, farm mom tested recipes.

But you have helped me:
  • educate you the reader and answer your farming questions in places I will probably never visit.
  • have a release from some of the tension that builds from working everyday with family and drought situations.
  • find friends that are very much like me.  One that I was lucky enough to spend some time with last week shared her favorite pork recipe with all of you in October.  I think she may love her cows ALMOST as much as I love mine.
If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I requested prayers for Dairy Carrie's favorite cow Norma last week.  Unfortunately, Norma passed away while Carrie was attending a conference here in Kansas.  Here is her post of the events of last week.  My boys loved the Norma updates.  I think mainly because my walking cattle breed encyclopedia known as my oldest son knew what breed she was and I had never even heard of it before.  When I told them that she was gone, they promptly said that they would say prayers for her and Carrie that night.

This all brings me to this photo:

After soybean harvest was pretty much wrapped up, we traveled to pick up this darling.  Isn't she beautiful?

She is a Maine Anjou heifer that our oldest son will show this 4-H year.  As we ate supper, I asked the boys what we were going to call her.   Quickly, one said, "Norma" and the other said "YES." 

I told them we had to ask for Dairy Carrie's blessing.  Norma was a very special cow to Dairy Carrie (she refers to her as the best cow ever) and if she follows me at all she would know where the name had come from. 

I sent her a message asking for permission for the boys.  The boys sat on the edge of their seats.  She responded quicker than I expected to tell me yes she would love nothing more than for them to call her "Norma the Best Beef Cow Ever"  through her tears.

My six year old quickly told me to let her know that she could visit Norma anytime.  Isn't he just the sweetest kid? :)

Our Norma is not broke to lead by halter yet, so I am sure there will be some adventures and hopefully no injuries.  Thanksgiving break will be fun at our house.

I was glad to see in Carrie's post that her Norma was not always as friendly as I saw her in her video a few month back.  Norma has a little bit of calming down to do and my 6 year old son does as well when he is around her.  I don't think she had ever seen a bouncy 6 year old before.  LOL

Wish us luck with this winter project!

Some of my social media friends have encouraged me to write a post about my best cow ever and the eerily similar story that she had with Norma.  I will work on it, but after reading Norma's story it was amazingly similar. 

Have a wonderful week everyone!

-A Kansas Farm Mom