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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Silent Sunday- Moving Hay Bales

While my Farmer was gone this week to yet another meeting, I met one of my best farm mom friends for lunch.  I asked her preschooler if he wanted to go with me to check the cows and he said he would if it was OK with mom.  They raise pigs...lots and lots of pigs, so getting to see cows in a pasture up close was apparently something he has not gotten to do before.  As he was leaving, he asked why I had a funny bed on the back of my truck.  His mom took him to where I was picking up some bales to take home and she took this picture story for all of you.  His comment when I got out to shut the gate was, "2 bales!  That's just crazy!!"  LOL  

Enjoy if you have never seen this.

One more note:  It was 28 degrees and the wind chill was 16 degrees.  Yes, my hair was blowing around and yes, I may look cold because I WAS!

UPDATE:  OK, I am pretty much silent, but since I am driving my Dodge Pickup in this post here is the best commercial of the Super Bowl!!

Thank you Dodge!!!

-A Kansas Farm Mom