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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Plant Exchange Selections

Things have been a little busy with the end of the school year and Spring finally arriving since our annual plant exchange and my aunt from Texas gently reminded me that I had not posted pictures from the exchange.  So here is the plant exchange and what the boys and I picked out.  I wanted to let you see the tables before the swapping began.  If you have not read about our annual area plant exchange, check out the post on how it works here.

This year the tree and shrub selections were pretty limited.

The bulbs were small in number this year, too.  Last year it would have taken 5 tables for the iris alone!

The herbs were popular, but be careful with them as most are incredibly invasive!

A few house plants made their way to the exchange as well as some water grass for a water garden.  Yes, my boys brought home that lovely banana tree.  They were so proud of themselves!  It just cost me a new pot and a bag of potting soil on the way home.  LOL

Even though we tell everyone not to buy things to swap, we always have someone who does, but that was OK because my boys were thrilled with the selections from this table.

The ground covers and sedums had a really great selection this year.  Sedums are a favorite of mine because I can forget to water them and they don't die immediately.  :)

We had a wide variety of sun loving plants this year.

You can't see all the shade loving plants, but there really was a great selection!

Vickie always has a beautiful table set up.  It think she and I made less than half of the refreshments.  Others were brought by those that didn't want to come empty handed and didn't have plants to exchange.  We let them take plants home in exchange for some yummy treats.

The tables were totally cleaned off at the end.  Every plant found a happy new home.

The boys took a truck load of plants, which you can see here.  Here is what I ended up with to bring home with us:

Obedient Plant

Helebore, shade loving

Ground cover sedum, sun

Mystery plant, even the lady that brought it didn't know what it was.

Coreopsis, sun It is already blooming as I finish this post.

Money plant.  I remember my grandmother having a money plant when I was a kid and I loved it.

Pink Hyacinth

The boys thought they needed water grass, but the water garden did not get built...yet.

I loved my grandmother's hollyhocks as a kid.  She had a huge patch and I would use them as my secret fort.

Pampas grass, sun

Another sun loving ground cover sedum

Multiplier onions  The bulbs break apart much like a garlic clove.  You can pick them as green onions or pick them and dry them for your onion seed next year.

Mint, my boys love mint, but it can be incredibly invasive.

Iris Cristata
Dragon's blood sedum  Vickie took us on a tour of her gardens after the exchange.  I was lucky to talk her out of a start of this sedum (I love it!).  She also delivered a few asters and candy tuft to my front a gate a couple of weeks after the swap.

Most of the plants are doing really well, since it has been raining for the last month.  The boys help me water them when they need it and get excited when they start to bloom. 

-A Kansas Farm Mom