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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Farmers and their High Tech Gadgets

What happens when you get a lot of farmers together that love technology?  You see a lot of gadgets.  That is what you get when you attend one of the AgChat Foundation's meetings. 

Last year, I was impressed with Brian Scott’s Ipad he hooked up to his tractor and planter.  Brian writes the blog The Farmer’s Life.  I am not that much of a techie person, so it doesn't take much to impress me.  That's why when my technology was popular, I was caught a bit off guard.

This year, I became the center of attention even before the conference started.  I even made the top billing on Janice Person’s blog, A Colorful Adventure when I blew Jay Baer’s mind.   You see, I am always running low on battery power on my phone.  My husband who is not a tech person by any stretch of the imagination really thinks I spend too much time on my phone, but still encourages me by buying things that extend my phone battery life.

Most of my friends have a nice little charger like this:
Thank you Dairy Carrie for sending me a picture.

It will fit in a pocket, but it doesn’t charge a phone very many times. 

Does my husband buy me one of those.  NO.  He buys me this...

Flat Ryan was helping pick corn this week and had to check it out as well.
This bad boy from Milwaukee the M12 Cordless Power Port charged my phone every day (sometimes more than once) the whole time I was gone to the AgChat Conference without having to be charged.

It also worked great during wheat harvest charging multiple phones over several days to keep communication open between everyone in the harvest and soybean planting crew

If I want to, I can charge my phone on the 4 wheeler…

Or a horse…

Not only does this battery charge through a USB port or a cigarette lighter outlet, I can remove it and run a drill, saw, impact driver, and our favorite the grease gun.

My AgChat friends would probably be jealous of my husband’s truck as well.  He has a power inverter permanently installed in his work truck that I use more for phone and laptop charging than running power tools.  He tells me that it will run a drill, but I prefer to charge my phone with it.

Do you have phone battery draining issues, too?  Are you addicted to Facebook or Twitter and your battery is always dead?  What do you use to keep yourself on the go and connected?

I was not paid by Milwaukee to say any of things in this post.  In fact, they have no idea I even exist.   

-A Kansas Farm Mom