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Friday, January 10, 2014

A Cup of Hope

I received a totally unexpected gift last week from my friend David at Alltech.  I had such a great time earlier this year at the Alltech Symposium.  I talked about the sights, the motivational quotes, and the future of algae

I was really impressed with the company and many of the ideas they have to help others around the world which brings me back to my gift of Cafe Citadelle coffee from Haiti.

We all know what happened to the people of Haiti and how they have fought to survive and are now trying to thrive.  This project began as a way to help one small part of Haiti build a sustainable future.  Alltech's focus began with upgrading and improving the educational system.  They also are strengthening local Haitian enterprises by launching this coffee.  I love that these people are not expecting a hand out, but instead are working with Alltech to grow a future for themselves, their kids and generations to come. 

If you are a coffee drinker, might I suggest you try the Cafe Citadelle Original, Espresso, or French Vanilla?  What a great feeling to get your morning pick me up and drink a cup of hope for the Haitians.  "It is a cup of hope, coffee with a cause."  You could be changing lives a cup at a time.

You can find the coffee at and select retailers.

Thanks for the gift David! 

-A Kansas Farm Mom