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Monday, January 27, 2014

BBR-The Soil Neighborhood

The Soil Neighborhood

by Dan Yunk and Steve Swaffer

Second in the series of Kansas Farm Bureau books is The Soil Neighborhood by Dan Yunk and my friend Steve Swaffer.  Learning about dirt soil isn't that much fun for most kids, so when a book tells the story of underground to kids in a fun way I tend to like it.  

Once again Kailey is visiting Grandma and Grandpa.  Kailey wishes dirt didn't exist, so she wouldn't have to take baths.

Grandma explains there is a whole neighborhood under a wheat field who work together to make soil a good place for plants to grow.  

Rocky, Clay and Sandy work with earthworms and bacteria to make the soil a place that plants like for their roots to grow.

Soil is important for lots of things we use everyday especially food like I mentioned in the Soil-It's What's For Supper lesson.  

Other books in the Farm Bureau Series include:
These books can be ordered on the KFB website.  The staff at Kansas Farm Bureau has worked hard to have great resources to go along with the books.  There are free lesson plans for teachers and parents as well as videos and fact sheets on the above web page.

What is your favorite kids book about farming?  Is it on my Book Barn List of ag books?

-A Kansas Farm Mom